Bullet-Proof Your Novel

In these challenging economic times, more people are turning to books for entertainment.

"I am optimistic that the downturn in the economy (and cost of gas) isn't negatively affecting book buying--at least for now," says Ellen Edwards, executive editor at New American Library. "In fact, when we asked the question at the NAL Spotlight during the RWA convention, we received a decisive response that readers were buying more books, because they offer a less expensive form of entertainment than many others."

John Scognamiglio, editor-in-chief at Kensington Publishing, concurs. "I do feel that when prices are high, consumers turn to 'cheaper' forms of entertainment, such as books."

Alicia Condon, editorial director at Kensington, goes a step further: "Traditionally, people do look for happy endings and less expensive entertainment during hard times, both trends that favor romance books. My hunch is that readers will be increasingly drawn to fantasy romances, which portray characters confronting many of today's most difficult challenges and triumphing over them."